May Momentum: Motivation, Tips, & Advice

New month.
New opportunities.

Ok, well actually every day is a new opportunity. We are fortunate that each day we get to wake up and make the choice to live our best life.

In the Northern Hemisphere, May brings change, growth, and expansion. The flowers bloom, the rain washes away the dust, and the sun warms the air. 

May represents a second chance. If you didn't accomplish your intentions you set in January for the new year, May offers you the energy to reach your goals and achieve your desires. 

So here is your chance - take action!

Weekly Tips & Advice:

My favorite apps for meditation:

Sitting in silence has become part of my daily life. I will admit, it was intimidating and challenging at first. But just like anything else, once I put the time and consistency into it, it became easier. 

Here are some suggestions to use to help you start meditation:
- Insight Timer (app)
-Oak- meditation & breathing (app)
- Calm (app)
- Headspace (app)
- The Mindfulness App
- Buddihfy (app)

I also love the YouTube channel Meditative Mind and PowerThoughts Meditation Club.
If you want to take your meditation game up a notch, try using a device like Muse that guides you and helps you learn how to focus. 

The most important thing to remember about starting your meditation journey is that not every meditation will be the same experience. Some days it will be easier, other days it won't. 

Some days you may feel uncomfortable emotions and others pure bliss.

The important thing is to try, as the benefits of meditation on the body and mind are extremely positive, and backed by scientific research!

May Updates:

Inner Evolution Deadline:

The deadline for NEW subscriptions to receive their first box on May 15th is MAY 7th

If you are wanting to start your journey into yourself this month, you must subscribe within the next six days.

Click here to subscribe!

May Workshop:

I am super excited to announce May's workshop. It will be filled with fun and creativity. 

Join Brittany Reid, and myself May 27th to create your very own vision board. This workshop is about manifesting your future and creating a vision board based on the law of attraction. The workshop with also begins with a cacao ceremony to open your heart space and call in your dreams. 

For more information and to register click here!

Hope you have an incredible week! Let's stay in touch! Follow me on Instagram here!

Love, Laurel